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Our wine and cannabis are carefully grown on the beatiful hills of Geneva lake in Switzerland, where locally processed in a sustainable way to bring our customers a very unique and special experience.

Chasselas has an affinity for beautiful places, here in Perroy, canton Vaud, in autumn, overlooking Lac Leman terroir is more than the soil where a grapevine is planted: it is the mix of light and air, soil and water, climatic conditions in general. 

Sparking H is both a natural and technologically advanced product, derived from specially processed Swiss Chasselas wine, craftily merged with cold-infused fresh Swiss cannabis plants.

This recipe brings out the most subtle flavors and aromas of both the chasselas grape and cannabis.

Photo credit CanadianArt.Ca. Talented Vancouver artist Myfanwy MacLeod originally made this installation out of a 3-D printed marijuana bud and a magazine cutout, calling it Sweet Maryjane (2015). 

In recent years, there has been a huge shift in social perception toward cannabis. After nearly a century in exile, hemp is making its comeback to the mainstream consumer market.  

There is an old tradition of cultivating cannabis among Swiss farmers, now almost forgotten.

The market for Swiss natural products now expands to the emerging cannabis industry, including our cannabis infusion.


Sparkling H contain organic terpenes and traces of phytocannabinoids, the compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant. 

The synergy between terpenes and phytocannabinoids create the main contributor to positive experience derived from consuming raw cannabis.

We have carefully preserved these compounds by refining our recipe and with the outstanding quality of the Sparkling H. 



Hand-crafted cannabis infused wine  brings the best flavours and aroma from the cannabis plant, perfectly balancing gentle herbal bitterness with best

Swiss Chasselas wine.

Enjoy chilled and in a good company!


Sparkling H is a brand of Hempfy Group

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Sparkling H is a brand of Hempfy group

Tellement Facile SA

Chemin des Paluds 2

1166 Perroy



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Sparkling H possesses the full bouquet of flavors and aromas from the cannabis plant, perfectly balancing gentle herbal bitterness with the best Swiss Chasselas wine.

Enjoy chilled and in good company!


Sparkling H is a brand of Hempfy Group

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